What’s Up?

Alright…  I’m starting my own blog.  Why?  Simple.  My family is sick and tired of hearing my sh*#.  Complaining about this.  Complaining about that.  Now, I’m spreading my negativity to the world.

At one time, I did articles for the local paper.  That was before they were consolidated into the larger Jackson paper with promises to keep Clinton news in a lengthy, news-filled part of the paper.  How the hell did that work out, Clinton?  HAHAHA!  You got owned by “the man”.  Anyway, I couldn’t always discuss the things I wanted in the manner I wanted.  You see, I’m of the belief that people here are a lot less “insulted” by humor than others may think.  At least that’s my belief.  If my house gets spray-painted, then I will know that I was wrong.  And that would suck.

So, sit back and enjoy.  Or hate.  Or whatever.  Doesn’t matter.  Here we go!


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