WLBT Is Starting To Quit Giving A Sh*$

I like WLBT.  For whatever reason, I like them.  It’s probably because I remember Woody Assaf telling me where Santa was each Christmas.  You didn’t go to bed until Woody told you that Santa was near.  I actually met “The Weatherman Says” at Jason’s Deli one day just before he passed away.  I told him that he meant a lot to me growing up.  He was nice, but was probably tired of that crap by then.  Who knows.  Anyway, WLBT has a problem.  And I’m going to prove it.

They almost NEVER do a spell-check on their newscasts.  Here’s an example.  They not only misspelled “the”, but also “thereof”.  How in the hell did they get either “functional” or “equivalent” right?  They’re getting lazy and the weatherman says that there’s a chance to layoffs at WLBT if this keeps up.


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