Those Folks At Bosley Are Liars

Those Folks At Bosley Are Liars

There I am, minding my own business and watching the latest episode of “Call Of The Wildman” and this comes up. You’ve seen “Call Of The Wildman”, right? It’s a reality show based on a guy who calls himself “Turtleman” and he… Oh, heck. I’m getting sidetracked.

Anyway, this Bosley Hair Replacement Non-Surgical Surgery Therapy Whateverthehell commercial comes on. Take a look at this “before and after”. There’s no way on God’s Green Earth that’s the same person. The guy on the left looks like an early, cleaned-up version of the Unabomber.  He also looks like a guy that wears BRUT, by Faberge. The guy on the right looks like someone who likes to secretly role play that he’s the woman in the relationship.

You’re not fooling ME, you liars. I’m onto your little scheme. Like a hairy version of “bait and switch”. I’m going to back to watching the Turtleman.


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