Hey, Darla… No More Feminine Products In The Crapper..

I could tell the truth and say that I saw this in a flea market in DeWitt, Arkansas recently.  But then you’d wonder what the hell I was doing in a flea market in DeWitt, Arkansas.  And in the toilet.  And that gets to be something that requires a lot of explanation and lying.

I love the fact that this sign says DO NOT PUT ANY PAPER IN CAMODE EXCEPT . . . (like they are trying to keep up the suspense….)  Somebody surely had to be at a point sometime in that flea markets history where they were in that toilet and holding a handful of paper while reading the sign and thinking “What? What?  Hurry up for the love of God! Except what????

So, let’s just say that I saw this on a late-night rerun of The Little Rascals.  The one where Darla is trying to explain what took so long in the toilet when Spanky (hee hee) is trying to run a circus of some kind in order to raise money to save a teacher’s mortgage in spite of the fact that those darn adults keep trying to wreck the whole thing.

You saw that one, didn’t you?  The one where the Little Rascals misspelled commode?


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