Unamerican Chopper

OK, those guys on TV that build the motorcycles and fight with each other have gone too far.  Not that they did THIS or anything, but I’ll bet you a million dollars that I don’t have that the Missouri a-hole that made this did it just after watching their show…


OK, folks… you don’t need a degree in psychics (or is that psychology?) to understand that the bike only APPEARS to be going fast due to the fact that the “flames” appear to be shooting out from different parts of the Sponge-Bob-Square-Pants yellow bike.  Well, I guess they’re flames.  If a gay flag caught on fire, then I guess the flames would look like that.  And I love the extra large 6-iron out of the back of the bike.  Now that is a true “spoiler”.  But only in that it spoils the bike’s re-sale value (if it had one).  They ought to name this damn thing The Wall Street Bike because it will be crashing soon.  Like, at the next hard right turn.


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