Alien Vs. Snookie

Not that I follow any Hollywood gossip or anything, but apparently Snookie is pregnant.  You should know this pig girl from doing The Jersey Shore.  And not just the TV show.  That also includes anbody on the actual Jersey shore.


I swear to God that I would rather be attacked by that monkey that ripped a lady’s face off than to know that I was tethered to this for any length of time.  She looks like she jumped off of a ten-story building and landed on her feet.  I personally think her head resembles those drawings of aliens that abducted people from Kentucky draw for the UFO shows.  And that’s her most endearing feature.  Maybe that baby will come out like the one in ALIEN; where Sigourney Weaver went C-Section minus the scalpel.  Or maybe it will just drop from her girl parts at some Vegas nightclub and start drinking.  It’s a toss up.


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