Me Chinese. Me Play Joke…

What a sucker I am.  Not literally.  Just figuratively.  But a sucker nonetheless.  In my attempt to be someone who is NOT an enviro-nazi, I bought those energy efficient light bulbs.  You’ve seen them.  In short, they are marketed like this:

If every American home replaced just one light bulb with a light bulb that’s earned the ENERGY STAR, we would save enough energy to light 3 million homes for a year, save about $600 million in annual energy costs, and prevent 9 billion pounds of greenhouse gas emissions per year, equivalent to those from about 800,000 cars.

Excuse my Hebrew, but may I please declare one big pile of “BULLSHIT”?  Look at the picture below:


This is the THIRD energy-saving-environmentally-friendly-greenhouse-gas-emission-saving-$600-million-dollar-energy-cost-eliminating piece of shit garbage that I’ve bought in the last four months.  YES.  FOUR MONTHS!  At this rate, we will effectively deplete all energy that exists on the planet in roughly 36 months.  And that includes the noxious gasses that result from bad convenience store food.  And guess who’s laughing?  The CHINESE!!!!!

As always, they are behind all of the evil in the world.  Except for Chinese restaurants, who are only here to make life better for us sweet-and-sour addicts.  Keep laughing, General Cho.  You got me for the first THREE BULBS.  Never again!!!  Never again, I say!!!  STELLA!!!!!!


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