The First Baptist Skating Rink

Courtesy of today’s (Jackson, MS) Clarion Ledger:


So a teenage boy wears a t-shirt that says “I love boobies” at the skating rink.  His family claims that he was wearing it to support breast cancer awareness.  The skating rink owner asks him to turn the shirt inside-out because it was offensive.  And now for the really funny part.  The skating rink owner says, and I quote:

“The Lord Jesus Christ would not allow his child to wear that shirt”.

YES!  You are right, Mr. Skating Rink Owner.  Dead on!  But only because, technically, He didn’t have a child.  But if He did, there would be NO BOOBIE SHIRTS ALLOWED!  Rolling around Jerusalem on four wheels tied by fluorescent laces while dancing to Michael Jackson?  Not a problem.  Paying $3 for a slice of pizza that should cost about ten cents?  Sure.  Dominating foosball or air hockey with your buddies like you were a Mississippi version of Kelly Leake?  Absolutely.

It’s like some kind of divine “all skate” at that rink.  Just limbo your way into salvation!


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