I’m Number One GI Joe

Somehow, I missed this whole ad during the Super Bowl.  It could have been because I was waiting on the Ferris Bueller ad and just tuned all other ads out.  Or, it could have been because I drank a twelve-pack and had to pee every 10 minutes.  I can’t remember which.

But, I’m just now seeing this ad where one political candidate in Michigan accuses his rival of sending jobs to China.  Or Korea.  Or Vietnam.  Damn, I can’t tell.  One of those countries just on the other side of Oregon.  Oh, contraire, Mr. Big Wig…  Aside from being a member of Eminem’s entourage, there ARE NO JOBS in Michigan!  Aha!

You watch and see if you think it’s racist.  Personally, I just think it’s stupid.  This lady is riding a bike through a rice field.  How much money can she have?  The whole time, I’m waiting for the Rolling Stones to start singing “Paint It Black” and a UH1 Huey to drop out of the sky with an M23 firing a 500 round clip.  Hold that thought.  Gotta pee.


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