This Just In…

I just love the fortune tellers political experts at places like The Huffington Post.  The polls have just closed and already this pops up:


The media is in such a damn hurry to beat other people to news that they tell us who won a state BEFORE THE VOTES ARE COUNTED!  If you bother to read newspapers, you’ll remember that Santorum (not Romney) won the Iowa contest.  But on election night, that’s not how it was reported.

Now personally, I don’t give a rats fat patootie who wins.  Our party is in shambles to be quite honest.  And picking between Barack, Mitt and Rick is like choosing between Moe, Curly and Larry.  Except that Moe is black, Curly is rich and Larry is religious.  Even if the Post is right, it just stinks.  If they know so damn much, then tell me who won the upcoming presidential election.  And the Super Bowl.  And not in that order.


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