See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Have No Fun

As long as I’m reading the news online, I’ll go ahead and put this one out there, too…

Female Bonobo Apes Brag About Sexual Conquests of Males and Other Females

Bonobo apes, sometimes referred to as the “make love not war” ape, are known for their high octane sex lives. Similar to humans (with whom they share 98% of their DNA) and different from other primates, “hooking up” is more than procreation; the species uses sex to show affection, relieve stress, thwart conflict, and simply for fun. Researchers have now observed that bonobo females also have sex for bragging rights. 

 Like a bunch of boys in a high school locker room, bonobo females broadcast their conquests to enhance their social status. When love locked with a high-ranking male, saucy lady apes shout out characteristic “copulation calls” so others will know exactly who is zooming whom. A new study reveals that females also cry out when having sex with other gals-but only alpha females.


So….  this is news?  Have the folks at Yahoo! never seen The Jersey Shore?  Oh, and that lady Bonobo is hot.  I could totally get her if I wanted.

PSS:  That’s TWO Snookie jokes in the same day.

PSSS:  Do you think that there is ANY chance that Bubbles The Chimp was, in reality, a Bonobo female?  Possible, right?



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