5 Star Prospect And She Wasn’t Even Recruited

This ad was recently in The (Jackson, MS) Clarion Ledger newspaper:


I can’t figure out why it caught my eye.  Maybe it’s because I have a penis, but that’s just a guess.  What gets me, though, is that the picture somehow is supposed to go along with weight loss.  Really?  I love the picture, but weight loss?  That’s more like something you would see for a strip-club powder-puff football team.  You know… the kind that doesn’t actually play football, but spends a lot of time bending over for the camera.  Aw, c’mon…  You know what I mean!  The kind you see late night on Cinemax.

I think they should have just put a picture of a monkey in there.  Or a carburetor.  Whatever.  They would have the same relevance as this.  But…. fantasizing to a monkey or a car part would be disgusting.  Never mind.


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