Walt Dippy World


This is courtesy of my favorite blogger:  http://www.wwtdd.com.  It’s not for everyone.  And by that, I mean that you will be disgusted.  Well, if you have high morals, scruples and standards.  Not like in a beastiality meets pedophilia or anything.  But, I’m just saying…

Anyway, I’m sure that this will raise eyebrows with the media momentarily.  And if Al Sharpton reads that blog site, then a press conference has already been called and news outlets around the world are showing up because they don’t want to be labeled the racist crackers that they are.  But, I gotta say, it is kinda obvious, right?  What?  No fried chicken flavored Dipping Sticks?

Let’s see…  Mulan was Japanese; Pocahontas was an Indian (feather) and Jasmine was an Indian (dot). Belle was French, Ariel was from the underwater nation of hell I don’t know Atlantis, and Cinderella was from New Jersey.  Or somewhere around there.  They’d sure better have dipping stick flavors of rice, bison, curry, croissant, fish and Burger King.  Otherwise, heads are going to roll.

PS:  The princess on the Vanilla Dipping Stick looks like a man in drag.  Yikes.


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