Beelzebub Needs A Norelco

One more thing before I go…  I’m watching the same two NCAA basketball announcers that brought you this guy, his MSU dog pants, and a dead Chinese guy a couple of weeks ago:


And now THIS guy is behind them:


Well, that guy and his urine sample.  Who has this look?  A pedophile pirate?  The devil?  One of Superman’s villans?  A new one that happens to be gay, I mean.  Whatever.  It’s a bad look, dude.  And that’s coming from someone who has no look.  Well, unless you count Bloated Eighties as a look.  I’m not counting out the fact that the guy wearing those pants is THE SAME GUY.  It’s possible.

Somewhere in America a biker bar is missing a bartender.  I wonder why he’s carrying that urine sample around?


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