Dick Van Tired

OK, one more before I go.  AOL is reporting that “Dick Van Dyke, 86, Weds 40-Year-Old Girlfriend”.  Here’s the pic courtesy of WireImage:


The article states that he was “bowled over by her beauty“.  Which I’m assuming was a misprint that should have said that he was “over beautied by her bowling“.  Not that it matters.  He freaking EIGHTY SIX YEARS OLD!  EIGHTY SIX!  The month he was born, the Sphinx was unearthed.  The Sphinx is, I believe, somewhere near Montana.  Calvin Coolidge was President back when people actually had the last name of Coolidge.

Eighty-six and he gets a 40-year old.  I sure hope SOMEBODY is ready to chitty-chitty-bang-bang.  At least until the will is out of probate.


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