Today’s “For What It’s Worth”

A break from the stupid for a second.  I saw some info on FaceBook regarding salaries of the leaders of prominent charities.  And, since I don’t believe a thing I see on FaceBook, I looked it up.  Not kidding.  I don’t even believe the things THAT I WRITE on there.  Anyway, here are actual and updated salaries:

The American Red Cross President and CEO Gail McGovern:  $1,032,022.

The United Way President Brian Gallagher:  $717,076

UNICEF CEO Caryl M. Stern:  $472,891

The Disabled American Veterans National Commander:  $328,252 

The American Legion Adjutant Daniel Wheeler:  $201,661 

World Vision President/CEO Dave Toycen: $184,000

The Veterans of Foreign Wars National Adjutants (2 men avg):  $164,934 

The Military Order of Purple Hearts Service Foundation Greg Bresser:  $142,986 

The Vietnam Veterans Association CFO Joseph Sternburg:  $137,902 

The Salvation Army’s Commander William Roberts:  $ 126,920

So, the next time you feel guilty for not contributing to The Red Cross, just picture ole’ Gail and her million-freaking-dollar-salary-before-incentives and it will make you feel better.  Unless she’s hot or something.  Then it make you feel better to give.  Generously.


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