Osama Came To Visit…. And Like It So Much He Stayed!

Today’s news includes, and I’m not making this up, an article touting the glamourous side of Pakistan.  Presumably issued by the Greater Islamabad Downtown Chamber of Commerce, as far as you know, the article says in part:

Say Hello! To Pakistan’s Glamorous Side

“The side of Pakistan that is projected time and time again is negative,” said Zahraa Saifullah, CEO of Hello! Pakistan. “There is a glamorous side of Pakistan, and we want to tap into that.”

Uh, no there’s not.  A glamorous side of Pakistan is a myth.  Like Santa Claus, Leprechauns, and Eskimos.  It’s kind of like having a beautiful monkey cage at the zoo.  The only problem is that between all of those monkeys masturbating and throwing their feces all over the place, it doesn’t stay beautiful very long.

Anybody who thinks that there is a glamorous side to Pakistan has a problem.  I don’t know what kind of problem they have, but I’ll be it’s hard to pronounce.  The best they can hope for is to simply put up signs at the airport that says “Welcome To Pakistan:  Gateway To Afghanistan“.  That always helps… To compare yourself to something worse to put it in perspective.  That’s why is always hang around with Jehovah’s Witnesses.  They’re fun.


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