I Recommend The Carne Asada

Looks like SOMEBODY had a birthday and celebrated at the Mexican restaurant!!!!


Course, this picture was taken is Silao, Mexico.  So, technically, every freaking restaurant is a Mexican restaurant.  I wonder if they had the Mexican trio band come up and sing “Happy Birthday” in Spanish while the waiter snuck up behind him and smashed is papal face in cake?  Nah.  Probably not.

Oh, and I have a theory that 99% Mexican restaurants have at least ONE of the following words in their name:  Sombrero, Las, El, Aztec and Grande.  So, and I’m just taking a stab in the dark here….  But I think Benedict just MIGHT have had his lunch at a place called El Las Grande Azteca Sombrero.  And also for the record: I think that hat he’s wearing is just as cool as that one he usually wears.  You know the one, right?  The kind Spanky used to wear on The Little Rascals?  Except all white?


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