Extreme Makeover: Cartoon Edition

From all sorts of sources on the web today, the word is that the Quaker Oats spokesmodel (and Barbara Bush lookalike) “Larry” has gotten a makeover.  And here’s the proof:


Larry?  Seriously?  I didn’t know that Quakers named their kids “Larry”.  I thought they all had crazy names; like Adolphus, Gideon, Thaddeus, or Shaniqua.  Larry?  Really?  And the crazy part of this is that THIS isn’t a makeover.  Do you really see much weight loss?  Looks like he just quit drinking Michelob Amber Bock beer for a day and lost some of the bloating.

Want a makeover?  THIS is a makeover:


Aunt Jemima went from Hattie McDaniel’s “Gone With The Wind” character to Oprah Winfrey overnight.  Top that, Quaker Oats.  Or anybody else out there who’s thinking of changing their spokes-cartoon.  I’m looking straight at you, Toucan Sam.


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