All You Can Pay

AOL reports today that “Obama Calls On Congress To Pass ‘Buffett Rule”.  And I, for one, couldn’t agree more.  There OUGHT to be rules surrounding buffets, and thankfully somebody put some thought into that.  While I haven’t see the legislation, I’m guessing that it includes:

  1. Being able to get your own freaking tea (including refills) instead of having to wait for a waitress to do it for you, only to be forced into tipping because of said tea service.  Quit shaking me down, Chinese Buffet Extortionists!  
  2. No more “running out” of something big, like meatloaf or pizza, while stockpiling the other crap such as broccoli and rice.  If I wanted to eat healthy, I wouldn’t be at a place that puts QUANTITY over QUALITY!
  3. Offering more salad dressing than just Ranch and Blue Cheese.  Let’s mix it up some, people!  Got any Peppercorn back there?  How about Comeback?
  4. Chicken Noodle Soup?  Very original.  And the only soup you offer?  Wow. That’s just amazing.  That comes to an end with this new law, bud.

Wait a minute…  This legislation is about taxes?  It’s name comes from Warren Buffett?  Never mind.


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