And I’m Living Here In Allentown. Um… I Meant Pakistan.

Courtesy of Yahoo! news:

bin Laden Family Sentenced For Living in Pakistan

Osama bin Laden’s three widows and two daughters have been sentenced to 45 days of house arrest for living in Pakistan illegally and will likely be deported. All five women were sentenced to serve time in jail, but their villa in Islamabad has been declared a “sub jail” where they will serve out the remainder of their sentence. 

For whatever reason, I cannot figure this out (see my March 25th entry).  These people are sentenced to 45 days IN PAKISTAN for the crime of LIVING in Pakistan.  Hell, living in Pakistan is punishment enough!  In fact, if I had to choose whether it’s more depressing to live with Osama bin Laden or to live anywhere in Pakistan, then I’d choose the latter.  Forget that.  If I had to choose the worst option between sharing my spouse WITH FOUR OTHER PEOPLE or living in Pakistan, I’d STILL CHOOSE LIVING IN PAKISTAN!!  NOBODY SHOULD BE LIVING IN PAKISTAN!  Have I made myself clear?

Can you even fathom the number of convenience stores and Best Westerns there must be in Pakistan?  And the damn irony is that bin Laden was never seen in either of them.

PS:  Dude had the US Special Forces after him and also had to put up with three wives?  Karma is a bitch.  I think that’s in the Koran somewhere.


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