Sock It To Me

When I’m in a public place, I usually look down in order to avoid any kind of potential of being caught into a vapid and meaningless conversation with a stranger.  Of course, I could kind of come off as someone who might follow you home and cut your tires, but that’s what makes life meaningful.  It’s how nature says “Don’t Touch”.

Anyway, when standing in line at the Exxon, looking at the floor and thinking of good “Rain Main” lines in case I’m approached, you notice things.  Like the fact that not everyone wears the same colored socks when they dress.  Case in point:


Hey, it’s not like she was blind or anything.  There wasn’t a seeing eye dog anywhere around.  Which reminds me of something Robert Schimmel (RIP) said:  How do blind people know when they can stop wiping?

OK.  You can continue avoiding me again.  Again, it’s how nature says “Don’t Touch”.


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