I’ve Got Gas

When it comes to buying gas, I always try to pay at the pump.  It keeps me from having to go into Aziz’s inconvenience hovel and stand in line to get a receipt while some toothless wonder is purchasing a week’s worth of groceries and paying by check.  Don’t act like you don’t know what I mean, either.

Anyway, I see this sign in Batesville that seemed to say “Hey, Delvan.  Looky here.  Pay at the pump.  I’m the inconvenience hovel you’re looking for!”


So I get to the pump, turn off the engine, uncap the gas tank and then it hits me:


It was like that with ALL OF THE PUMPS!  That bastard Aziz got me again.  Because he knows that I’m too freaking lazy to drive down the highway to the next gas station just to be able to pay at the pump!!!  And I know better than to go in an threaten him because ugly people have nothing to lose.  So, I’m screwed.

Why be hard to deal with when, like Aziz, you can put in just a little more effort and be impossible to deal with?


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