These Robots Hate Me

A post or two ago detailed my fight with the gas pumps that won’t let you pay at the pump; thereby causing me and my lard-riddled arse much more effort than is necessary.  Well, I’m sad to report that it doesn’t stop there.  Just trying to get some ant killer and weed-eater line at Home Depot, and then the ole’ Delvan luck kicks into high, Home Depot gear:


Really?  Was this transaction too damn tough to handle?  I once heard that 42.7 percent of all statistics were made up on the spot.  Well, I can tell you that a very reliable, scientific study proves that machines screw me 100% of the time.  And for the people working at the stores who have to deal with me, and who act like none of this matters…. well, let me just say that I’m visualizing duct tape over your mouth at this very second.  The kind that was put over the gas pump credit card slots.  Argh.


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