All With A Side of Cholesterol

OK, I’m going to hell (again) for this one, but somebody has to say it.  Everybody notices this and everybody is thinking the same thing:


I recently sat in this north Mississippi BBQ joint waiting on my order.  These two svelt ladies managed to finish off more food in that short amount of time than I had this week.  As Rodney Carrington says, “I ain’t shittin’ ya.”  Each had a couple of orders of ribs, fries and whatever other side orders came with that much food.

If there is any connection to their reality and mine, I assure you that it’s coincidental.  They probably think that they can burn off most of those calories by driving home faster.  In what alternate universe do you have to live in to allow yourself such reckless depravity?  I said it before:  “You know you’re fat if you knock on doors at Halloween and say “Trick or Meatloaf”.  Or, in this case, “Trick or 2 large rib slabs, fries, baked beans, cole slaw, and sweet tea.  For here.”

When they left, at least they were laughing.  I think it’s healthy to keep a positive attitude when you’re killing yourself.  And that is the only thing healthy with these two.


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