Let’s Play The Feud

Saw this on the updated version of Family Feud last night.


Personally, I think her name may have been more appropriate if it were Misdemeanor.  Or Mistrial.  That’s because nothing says kindness more than a do-rag.  Take the two kindest folks I know only from TV (and  one from a 2008 encounter at the DFW airport):  50 Cent and Snoop Dogg:

Image Image

Or Aunt Jemima.


Say whatever you want.  My name is Delvan.  I get the whole “strange name” thing.  And for all of you boring whitebread posers named John, Joe, Bill, or Tom, well…  you’re boring.  Unless you’re Tom Hanks.  He’s one of my heroes.  Where the hell am I going with this?

Anyway, Mskindness turned out to be as dumb as a bag of salt.  But, those questions are tricky.

HOST:  Name something you say just before someone sneezes.

ME:  Pika

Tonight you’ll get that joke.  And you’ll never tell anybody that you did.


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