What It Don’t Do

I firmly believe that I am flypaper for freaking idiots.  This is an ACTUAL cash advance store in northern Mississippi.  I’m leaving off the name of the town (Batesville) because I don’t want to hinder the efforts of their local Chamber of Commerce as they try to promote the town as the “Gateway To Your GED“.


And not only is it a cash advance store, it’s also a “Tax Service”.  I think I’d rather have my taxes done at a strip club than here.  Hell, strippers can’t speak proper English, either.  But, then again, strippers don’t talk.  Or do they?  I’ve seen a lot in action but never heard them speaking.  Let’s just agree that it’s a mystery.

Think about it:  a “CASH ADVANCE” place that does “TAXES”.  Is this who you would trust?  Hey, “What  It Do“, how much would you advance me on my car if I left the title?  It’s a 1975 Ford Neglect and was previously owned by a little old lady who only drove it to Chippendale’s shows.  And I desperately need the money because I still have some checks left in my wallet.  

Remember, kids:  Literacy ain’t everything.


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