Big Mac vs BMT

Here’s a little “Freshbuzz” for you, Mr. Jared Fogel, stunt double for Dave Matthews and spokesmodel for Subway.  You have been called out, brother.  Now stand up, be a man, and prepare to thrown down against those fat asses at McDonald’s.


You can’t let some teenage boy with major cajones change up words on a fast-food sign and call you a pussy!  Look in the mirror, dude.  Do you think you look like one?  Well, do you?


OK, maybe you do.  But I say defend your manhood anyway and stick a footlong up their arse.  You know…. that sounded really gay when I said it.  Anyway, let me warn you beforehand, Killer.  When you finish off that lard ass at Mickey D’s, you’ve got to take on the next challenger.  This guy.



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