Turn Around And Show Us Your Software

This dude with the nice ass is SO SCREWED!  Tired of the TSA requests to remove shoes, belts, metal objects, whatever, bubba decides “OK, it’s on“.  He takes off EVERYTHING and goes full monty.  


I believe this is the Portland, OR airport.  If not, it looks just like it.  But I didn’t post this pic to get all of you ladies hot and bothered over this UDSA Prime piece of man meat.  Nope.  I posted it because something struck me when I saw it.  Actually, two things struck me.  The first was a wave of nausea.  But afterwards, it occurred to me that the nude dude and the troll on the far left looked suspiciously like the guys:


Bill Gates and Paul Allen.  I wonder if nude due was Micro.  Or soft?  Or MicroSoft?


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