I Break For Brakes

From today’s (Jackson, MS) Clarion-Ledger:

Hey, Phil Moore…  You may be service experts, but I can garantee garuntee gaurintee promise you that you’re not spelling experts.  “Break Job”?  No, no, no, no.  You can have a spring break, prison break, or a break dance.  You can break your leg or even get jail time for breaking and entering.  But, no matter what….  you can’t have a break job.  You can have a part-time job, a hand job or even The Book of Job, but not a break job.  Unless, I guess, you’re job description involves taking a hammer to fine china.  Then, maybe.

I know that you care, Phil.  It says so right at the bottom of your ad.  But, really?  A break job?  Gimme a break.


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