Show Your Dickies

Those folks at Dickies are always trying to impress.


And who else but a company named “Dickies” would have something called a BJ Uniform?  Maybe Cox Enterprises, but nobody else that I can think of.    Unless it was this company:


Anyway, only a guy would obsess over BJs enough to take a random picture like this.  But then again, I’m desperate.  I’ve tried begging.  And bribery.  Those didn’t pay off.  So I’m now a lonely married alcoholic with no future prospects.  I know what you’re saying:  alcohol doesn’t solve your problems.  Well, neither does Diet Coke.  Or water.  So, it may as well be alcohol.  You know… you never really learn to curse until you get married.  True fact.  Look it up.

Oh, and I’m going to the beach for a couple of days.  Don’t think I can post until mid-next-week.  But, I’ll try to make it worthwhile.  Ta ta!


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