Everybody who knows me understands just how much BINGO means to me.  Yes, sir.  Sitting in a smoke filled room with the elderly, spending an agonizing three minutes between numbers, all while trying to explain my strategy on picking out cards is the way to live.  It also helps knowing that if I don’t win that collection of holiday air fresheners, the liquor stores are still going to be open.  That’s because old people have to be in bed before the sun goes down or else they turn into geriatric vampires.

I got sidetracked.  Anyway, I saw this ad while in Florida and noticed something a little familiar.


Isn’t that Mr. Monopoly?  It is, right?  Not like a cousin or anything.  That’s the actual Mr. Monopoly!


So, he takes his billions from real estate investments in the greater downtown Atlantic City area (including the railroads and utility companies) and then tries to parlay that fortune by taking his dividend enhanced convertable stock and creating a balance sheet offset via Bingo?  Well, hell.  That’s just brilliant.

Hey, Beachside Bingo.  Unless you have the expressed written permission of Mr. Monopoly to use his likeness, then you could be up to your bingo balls in copyright infringement trouble.  Those guys at Milton Bradley don’t play.  And don’t try to switch him out for his younger cousin, the Pringles guy.  That would just be sad.



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