My Doctor’s Office Is Now Open For Clients

I’m no doctor.  Well, I take that back.  I’m a self-taught gynecologist.  And, I also play a doctor on TV. So, that qualifies me (I guess) as an MD.  But, even the most inexperienced intern can diagnose the problem here:


It’s called Peyronie’s Disease.  Though, I think the term “disease” should be limited to one that has control over ME…  “No Beer Left In The Fridge On Sunday When You Live In A Town That Doesn’t Sell Beer On Sunday And You Have To Drive All The Way To The Next County And Waste You’re Whole Damn Sunday On The Road Disease“.  Well, that and cancer.  Is that a disease?  Yes???  Seriously???

PS: You think Ronnie has cucumber envy?  Believe it or not, I think “not”.  Look at the way he’s holding it.  If you’re a guy (or a virgin), then you know that you don’t hold it that way.  Well, not if you want that damn cucumber to jump up and act like a spitting cobra.  Also, I think that you’ve Googled the term “Peyronie’s Disease”.  Am I right?


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