Blessed Be The Tree

According to Yahoo! News (and trending as the 2nd most popular story as of lunch today), the Virgin Mary has been spotted again.  And this time it’s in the trunk of a tree.


It’s not the first time she’s been spotted in a tree.  Or in a bowl of soup.  Or on a fence post.  Or under a bridge in Chicago.  Or on a piece of burned toast.  

Image Image

Call me crazy, but that tree trunk looks nothing like the holy mother.  I hate to be gross, but it looks more like a vagina.  Well, the nasty vagina of a long-time hooker who gave birth to 25 children.  At least I’m guessing that’s what it would look like.  What?  You expect me to know what that would resemble?

Hey, Catholic-Mary-viewers…  thanks for making Christianity look like a freaking cult.  Worshipping a tree or a piece of toast?  Really?  Methinks somebody is missing the “message” about as much as that long-time hooker….


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