A Shot of Cognac

Courvoisier:  A brand of French cognac that was reputedly a favorite drink of Napoleon Bonaparte.

Shourvoisier:  Not a brand of French cognac.


The First 48 never ceases to be a gold mine for this stuff.  It’s terrible that these people are undergoing the tragic loss of a loved one, but who could have predicted it?  I mean, the victim ran off with two gang members who had rap sheets as long as your arm (if your arm was 50 feet long), was hanging on a street corner of a neighborhood know for gang violence, was involved (allegedly) in the sale of drugs and was one of a couple of people that were killed in a drive-by shooting over drugs.  I know.  That ending was just like “The Crying Game”, where Forrest Whittaker found that penis on his date.  Geez!!!

And off the subject, but I think everybody they showed from that family had a different last name.  How’s that even possible?  Somehow I think the Disney stories went more like this in their house (courtesy of awkwardlywitty.com) …


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