Arrow Smith

Here’s another magazine that I saw today.  Primitive Archer magazine.


How the hell can a magazine about primitive archery be in publication since 1992?  “Passing On The Tradition of Classical Archery”.  Huh?  What the hell is the difference between classical archery and every other kind of archery?  Same steps:  (1) Insert arrow, (2) pull bow string back, (3) kill defenseless animal from your deer stand, (4) drink more beer.  Yes, they drank beer in primitive times.  Archeologists have found beer cans from as far back as 5000 years ago in caves.  And in each one, they also found antlers on the walls. 

Seriously.  This is bullshit.  You cannot tell me that there is enough information found on this topic to warrant a magazine for 20 YEARS!  Or enough subscribers to pay for the staples holding it together.  I guess we could have a magazine called “OIL CHANGE MAGAZINE” or maybe even “CLASSICAL GRASS CUTTING MAGAZINE” but…  why?  Wouldn’t each issue look pretty damn similar to the one before?

Maybe I’m being too tough on them.  I buy ATHLON’s college football magazine each year only to find that ONCE AGAIN they’ve predicted Mississippi State to be worthless for the year… just like the last issue.  WHEN, OH WHEN, WILL WE GET ANY RESPECT???


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