Jenny, I’ve Got Your Number

I absolutely LOVE the CBS show Big Brother.  My dream would be to go on that show; except for the fact that I have to go to the bathroom alone.  With nobody around.  Especially … uh… well, you know.  And doing everything with cameras involved would freak me out.   Oh, and I have to have beer.

Anyway, this season features JENN.  She’s a lesbian New Yorker with tats all over her body, jewelry in odd places and a really bad hairdo.  Almost as bad as mine.  Anyway, something has always bothered me about her.  And tonight I discovered what it is:


Why didn’t I catch this before?  She’s cross-eyed!  She could literally sit on the front porch and watch the houseguests in the backyard.  Now THAT is cross-eyed.  Bee-atch better never get a DUI.  She’d never pass that whole “flashlight in the eye” test.

Hey, Jenn… I’m keeping an eye on you.  Get it?? Get it?  Keeping an “eye on you”???  Yeah.  Original!


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