Maybe It’s Just The Roofies Talking


Thank you, Cosmopolitan.  Finally an article that makes me want to buy your magazine.  That’s because I’ve run into this problem before and didn’t know how to respond.  And it’s not a comfortable situation.

Those vaginas can, indeed, act weird after sex.  No, weird isn’t the word.  They can act like a real bitch.  After a particular hookup in college, I had one say “Is that all you got?”  On another occasion, I had one say “It’s like a penis.  Only smaller.”

Even worse, I once had one ask me to go and get something out of her car.  When I came back, the door was locked.  Who knew that a vagina could lock an apartment door?

Let me tell you, guys.  When those roofies wear off, those vaginas do act weird.  It’s time you got prepared, and buying this issue of Cosmo couldn’t hurt.  You’re welcome.


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