Rusty & The Judge

I’ve made it clear that I like cartoons from the newspaper.  Even the racist ones from BLONDIE.  But, I don’t like ALL cartoons.  Take this one, for example:


Who are these two gay guys and how did they get a cartoon?  The younger guy likes that  “pack rod” and the older guy doesn’t care about anything other than them having that place to themselves.  Which one is the Judge?  Sam or Avery?  And isn’t Avery a girl’s name?  No?  Oh, well… it is in this case.

And how about this one?


Jiminy Christmas.  How long do you think it takes the cartoonist to tell a story?  

TUESDAY:  “Rusty?  Rusty?”

WEDNESDAY:  “Dad, he doesn’t answer.”

THURSDAY:  “Here.  Let me put away my microscope and help you look for him.”

FRIDAY:  “Rusty?  Rusty?”

NOVEMBER 23rd:  “Dad I found him.  He was on the toilet.”

NOVEMBER 24th:  Rusty says “Geez, can’t I get any privacy?”

Hey, Trail family…  Who’s the moocher here?  That lady and her kid are sponging off of the dad, I guarantee it.  Only the old man would live out in the country like that.  Well, him and two gay guys who like “packing rods”.


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