Scooby Gets The Gold

I know that I should be like everybody else and really get into the Olympics.  Well, for the record…  I tried.  First I watched women’s swimming.  Those girls have no boobs.  What?  Don’t blame me!  It’s not like everybody else isn’t thinking the exact same thing!  And I’m not talking about just the guys, either!  But, it’s not like I watch the women’s volleyball Olympics just to see in-shape women.


There are so many events that they are holding them on different Direct TV channels.  After swimming, I went to this channel and watched for a while.  But, I gotta tell ya.  The Olympics this year suck.  When did they let dogs and bears in this damn thing?  The world is going to hell.


PS:  This channel was obviously not in HD.  Looked almost like a 1970s cartoon or something.  Who do I need to email to get this crap changed??


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