I Vote That We Vote Again

You’ve gotta give it to this Tim Mims guy.  He’s being honest and asking you to cheat the whole electoral system by voting numerous times.  And he IS straight-forward because he’s not beating around the bush about it.  But fair?  Uh, no.


I just saw the Reverend Al Sharpton go off on a tangent about the proposed voting changes taking place in the US that are designed to ensure that only AMERICANS vote here in AMERICA.  Well, I guess it was him.  It looked like Al Sharpton.  If he had been captured by North Koreans and held in a prison eating just Slim Fast and Ex-Lax.  I guess that whole “Tawana Brawley” fiasco ruined him.  Oh, who am I kidding?  Accuse a cop of rape and find out that the “victim” admittedly lied?  RACISM!  RACISM!  RACISM!  Get the picture??

So why doesn’t the “reverend” go to Clanton, Alabama and picket against Tim Mims asking people to vote multiple times?  And hold the picket in this guy’s front yard?  I know that if he did, it would be hard to find him since the entire freaking yard is blanketed with election signs.  Now, if Al was fat again, then maybe…


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