Kim Basinger Kardashian Jung Choi


In Olympic sporting news, the US women’s soccer team beat the North Korean team 2-0.  But, that’s only because the NK team was still recovering from the effects of being struck by lightning.  And not just one.  FIVE of them were struck by lightning.  Even though the odds are at least 3 to 1 that you get struck by lightning.

… the coach of the country’s women’s World Cup soccer team came up with an unexpected and electrifying explanation for his players’ inability to keep up with their opponents during their 2-0 defeat to the US.  According to The Guardian, Kim Kwang Min told bemused reporters in the German city of Dresden that several players, including the goalkeeper, were still suffering the ill-effects of being struck by lightning.  The incident apparently happened during a practice session in North Korea on June 8, leaving more than five players hospitalized, Kim said.

Strange?  Yes.  But not uncommon.  In 2004, …

Government officials triumphantly declared in 2004 that North Korean leader Kim Jong Il had shot a 38 with five hole-in-ones in his first attempt at golf.

And not to be outdone…

… before the World Cup in South Africa, manager Kim Jong Hun said he was getting coaching advice from the country’s leader through a cell phone not visible to the naked eye, a technological feat that he said was masterminded by Kim Jong Il himself.

Now, take a look at the names of the players:  Kim Nam-Hui, Kim Myong-Gum, Kim Chung-Sim, Kim Un-Hyan, Kim Song-Hui, Kim Un-Jun, Kim Su-Gyong and Kim Chol-Ok.

Everybody associated with North Korean sports has the name “Kim”.  Dammit.  I’ll bet the phone book is almost useless over there.  But thinking about it, it makes since that they’re all related.  Take a look at those women females people.  You can’t tell me that they don’t look EXACTLY the same!  If North Korean children turn up missing, would it do any good at all to put their picture on milk cartons?  Every one of them look like the love child of Pete Rose and Bruce Lee. 

Well, except for the middle one on the front row.  That’s a man.  No, I’m sure.  It’s a man.


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