Return To Gayberry

I know that you are wondering what’s happing with our cartoon friends (the ones we followed a few weeks ago).  Well, here’s the latest in Gayberry…


So, to sum everything up….  The old queen that looks a lot like Ned Beatty finally caught the elusive lover he had been chasing.  The young buck still calls Ned’s unit a “fly rod”, and then Ned mentions something about “buttering him up”.  Apparently they have code words for sex.  This time it’s “book deal”, and the young dude says something about passion.  There you have it.

You know, “the gays” can be cured of this horrible disease that dares not speak its name.  At least that’s what I hear from Jimmy Swaggart, a guy who’s good at games with dares.  And ugly hookers.  Here’s his award missing book “HOMOSEXUALITY:  ITS CAUSE AND ITS CURE”


Funny that when you open it, there are only two pages:

Page 1:  Homosexuality is caused by Satan!  We once thought it was caused by Liberace, but he’s dead and guys are still blowing each other.  So, it must be Satan.

Page 2:  The only cure is to find a nice, remote place somewhere out of the range of human ears.  Be sure to carry rubber gloves, bleach and a change of clothes.  Oh, and bury the murder weapon along with those clothes and gloves deep in the ground.  Oh, yeah.  I forgot.  Bring a shovel.  It will come in handy.

PS:  If you’re wondering about the boy named “Rusty” in the other comic (Mark Trail), then here’s your update.  He’s still on the can.


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