Rock, Racists, and Ricketts


If I were a racist, I would say that anytime you mix your white dad (Pop) and some black lady (chocolate fudge), then you get Pop-Tards.  Hey, racists would say it’s true.  People who are mentally developmentally challenged come from race-mixing.  Where do you think Mongol-oreos come from??  Or the Girl Scouts’ “Thank You Berry Much-Hausens Syndrome”?  Or “Chips Derealization Disorder-Luxe”?  So, there must be some validity… according to them.

But I’m not a racist.  However….  I did recently see a bumper sticker that EVERYBODY hates.  Including racists.  It said “I LOVE NIGGERS”.  See?  Told you.  Everybody hates it.

OK:  That bumper sticker joke was courtesy of Chris Rock.  I think that makes three Chris Rock mentions since I began this thing.  Still funny though, right?


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