One Little, Two Little, Three Little…

I know that you most of you guys subscribe to NATIVE magazine, the official magazine of “The Santa Fe Indian Market“.ImageSo, you’ve probably already read the list of the Toughest Movie Indians.  But I haven’t read my copy yet, so don’t ruin it for me.  I like to try to guess who made the list and such, but this is a tough one.  I know it’s not that naked little Hiawatha, Disney’s filthy attempt at kiddie porn.


Hmmm, who else….  Oh, how about Gandhi?  He’s an Indian.  Right?  Oh, that’s a dot instead of feather.  OK.

Uh, well…. hell.  I guess I’m just going to have to say Bruce Lee.  Nobody was tougher than Bruce Lee.  Whoever it is, that guy is one tough sonavabich.  The lower you go on the socio-economic scale, the tougher you are.  Just wait until an American Indian gets into MMA.  Gonna be trouble for whitey.

PS:  In all honesty, I thought this summed up the most probable thought of all American Indians:


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