Amazing Crap


Let’s see…  Maggots, flies, some kind of toxic cloud, and some sort of greet shit in the bottom of this kid’s underwear.  What kind of family does this kid have and what are they feeding him?   I mean, I could see the kid with an occasional skidmark.  Or even a little yellowing in the front.  But this?

I remember reading Encylopedia Brown and the Hardy Boys.  Now they read about a kid who craps his pants and is proud enough of it to show it to you.  And to top it off, it’s called “Amazing Underpants”.  The only amazing part is that he isn’t under the protection of Family and Children Services, or that he hasn’t gotten the bejezus beaten out of him by some sensible kid.

Ain’t gonna be any Froot Of The Loom commercial with this guy.  Promise.


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