Here Kitty Kitty Kitty…

Hopefully you’re back to normal after the whole Pussy Riot blog entry from yesterday.  Or as I could have called it…  Moose Knuckle Melee.  But as if that wasn’t bad enough, now we have this.


A group called Code Pink is wanting Congress to respect women.  And they plan to achieve their goal by dressing as pink vaginas and standing around in public parks holding signs like some sort of Poontang Protest.  I guess their head is where the “magic button” is located on a woman, right?  Is it?  Somebody tell me, for the love of God.  I can’t find that damn thing anywhere.

Don’t get me wrong.  I love protests.  Sometimes I’ll walk around the city streets holding a sign that says “HONK IF YOU LOVE PEACE AND QUIET”.  I also have a sign that says “DOWN WITH PROTESTS”.  But these ladies are going to be in for rough times.  Sure, they were good enough to shave it, but wait until the cops hit the labia with that pepper spray.  I’m no doctor, but that must sting.


One response to “Here Kitty Kitty Kitty…

  • Delvan's my hero

    Very good, I like the line about a ‘Poontang Protest’. What’s this world coming to, Pussy Riots, Pussy Protests, when are the boobs going to get in on the act? Breast Brawl anyone?

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