Katrina, The Waves and Christina

Here’s a personal aside while I ride out thunderstorm Hurricane Isaac.

People around here are crazy and have short memories.  I fully understand that those in low-lying coastal areas are going to be hard-hit by this, and ANY, tropical storm or hurricane.  I get it.  But that is the risk of living in a coastal area, right?  Not only this year, but for every freaking year to come.  Ever.

But, this thing is now being compared to the costliest natural disaster and one of the five deadliest hurricanes ever.  It killed 1,836 people, for Christ’s sake.  Isaac was a freaking Cat 1 with 80 mile per hour winds.  Uh, hello Weather Channel.  I know that you get tired of telling everybody about how bad the traffic is going to be in the greater Scranton, PA metropolitan area due to heavy rain.  But, really?  Sorry, guys…  No more credibility with me.


And a small note for the folks in Mississippi who stayed put because you placed your faith in the meaning of the storm’s name “God Will Protect Us”…  I’m just waiting for Hurricane Jabez (Trouble), Hurricane Jeremai (Throwing Forth Waters), or Hurricane Abaddon (Destroyer).  Katrina is Greek and means “pure”.  Too bad you didn’t ride that one out because of the meaning, huh?


Oh, and I want to apologize to Christina Aguilera.  I’ll never forget the first time I heard her, but it’s not for a lack of trying.  I’ve been making fun of her for months because her ass was growing at a proportional rate to the decline of her career.  It’s like one of those geometry graphs that I could never understand.  Her ass is getting close to having its own ZIP code.

Well, now I feel bad.  She just said something about “rebirth”.  I didn’t know she was pregnant.  Sorry, Christie.  When’s it due?


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