Monthly Archives: September 2012

Weather Recap

OK, I’m still getting the obligatory “are you OK?” messages from well-meaning-US-citizen-types-and-maybe-some-immigrants-because-who-the-hell-knows-people” just because we had a thunderstorm with a name attached.  So, to give you a sense of JUST HOW BAD it got here (and thanks to our always-available source of criticism:  WLBT), here’s how bad it got:

ImageA fire destroyed a house.  A vacant house.  A house completely void of furniture or appliances.  One that eerily resembles a house that I would do amazing amounts of crack in if I did crack.  That house.  Cause?  The hurricane.


ImageA power line fell.  And it was angry.  It was spitting fire and the electricity was making sounds that were almost human…  Something about the upcoming plagues on mankind, or four horsemen or something or another.  And complaining that energy rates were too damn high and it was all due to the Middle East.  I don’t know, really.  The volume was too low.

ImageA tree fell on the last 15 feet of a trailer 45 MILES AWAY FROM JACKSON!  TO THE EAST!  AWAY FROM THE HURRICANE!!  GET THE PICTURE!!!  But, are you stupid enough to think that isn’t related to the hurricane??  Hmmm?  Well then, Mr/Mrs/Ms/Gay Smarty Pants, then look at the name of the owner of the trailer:

ImageThat’s right:  KATRINA!  Eat it, you simpletons!

In retrospect, I think WLBT should have done a story on the lunch menu at Exxon.  They misspelled the word “beef”.  Hmmm…. accidental?  Really??